Human Eye Editing

Complete full-service book editing and ghostwriting by a human. I also edit smaller projects – contact me for more info and pricing.

Stylistic, structural and content editing, plus consulting on marketing. All in one handy human!

Ten years of professional writing and editing experience.

Associate editor at PRISM International

Diploma – Journalism – Langara College, Vancouver, B.C. 2013

BFA – Creative Writing & German Studies – U.B.C., Vancouver, B.C. 2023

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3 responses to “Human Eye Editing”

  1. love the comment about your dog. I have always felt like I embarrass my dog.

    1. My dog is just so much cooler than I am. And more popular. By far.

  2. Hey Stacy, Cool blog! Very interesting and we will definitely be back. Your friends at

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