AUDIO: Multi-media special project – Looking forward, looking back: the residual effects of childhood bullying

Kyle Banta
Kyle Banta – Photo by Stacy Thomas

When does bullying start, and when does it end? Perhaps with socialization; as soon as children begin interacting, they begin to realize that there is a dynamic that is established among them, a structure. As it is in nature, so it is on the playground. Power is established, and leaders, and so are weaknesses. The strong prey on the weak, and unchecked innocent minds, not yet exposed to the rights and wrongs of grown-up expectations, run rampant in their small worlds.

Eliza Goodyer, 42, started being bullied when she turned 12 and body issues became a problem. She was targeted by other girls because she was different, and it continued through high school. She feels that, while bullying for her was in her later years and not in her formative younger years, she was still deeply affected by it . . .

Read more about the residual effects of childhood bullying, with audio, at

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